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(6 weeks – 1 Year)

The younger babies follow a flexible routine depending on each baby’s individual needs with regard to feeding, sleeping, nappy changing and stimulative play.  Cots and quiet areas are provided for babies to sleep whenever needed.  Babies will receive personal attention from their key worker and the caring staff within the room.

The babies benefit from a wide range of daily activities, socialising with other children and familiar adults, listening and joining in with conversations and songs.  There is plenty of space for physical play to kick and stretch, to learn to sit, crawl and walk safely, and toys specially chosen to encourage movement.   Of course, the focus on each baby’s development in no way prevents the all important cuddles, love and fun.

Each day you will receive a progress report from your child’s key worker, this is to inform you of your child’s day, the activities that they have participated in, how they have eaten and if they have had a lovely day.